Ann Houle– Newsletter Editor





Dear Members of Southington Chapter #4943 of AARP,           May 18, 2022

Communications on this site are showing the last letter sent followed by previous letters and if you scroll down you will find our last Newsletter dated September 2021.  Hopefully you have received these last two letters by regular mail, if not please contact our Membership Chair Ann Houle at 860-307-0774.


The letter that follows was sent by mail to all active members.  If you did not receive it, it is most likely because your membership dues has not been paid for 2020 or 2021.  The 2022 year dues must be renewed by the end of this year.  Please pay your dues even though we are not currently holding meetings.  We hope that you will continue to be a member of our Chapter.




April 2, 2022

Dear Chapter Member,

Hopefully you have been well these past couple years since we last met at our membership meetings. I’m sure you, as I have, missed getting together with our AARP friends and haven’t been able to enjoy the fun activities we have at our meetings.

I wish I could say that we are able to resume holding our meetings now but we have been advised by Corporate AARP that we should not meet in large groups at this time since Covid is still very much with us. Another reason not to have our chapter meetings right now is that it will soon be time to stop for our summer break.

Therefore, we are looking forward to starting back up for our September meeting. We will revisit this decision to determine if it is safe to meet at that time. Another notice, perhaps a newsletter, will be sent to you to confirm the date of our next meeting.

Stay safe and best wishes for a happy, healthy summer.

Pat Trenchard






                                                                                     August 26, 2021

Greetings fellow club members

I hope this newsletter finds everyone well.  I regret to report that I have been in touch with both national and state level AARP organizations,

and at this time they are recommending that we do not meet in groups larger than six people.   This leaves me frustrated and disappointed, 

but I am in full understanding that we should take this precaution.  I ask for your patience and flexibility during these trying times.  

Hopefully we will be getting back together soon and we will meet as usual.  In the meantime, I ask if your membership is up for renewal would

you please send your check to Shirley Mason, our treasurer, at 27 Coach Drive, Southington, CT 06489.  Please, also send her a self-addressed, stamped envelope along with your membership card.  She will update your card and return it to you.

As soon as I hear from the national organization of AARP that we are safe to meet I will notify all of our membership, in the meantime, everyone please stay safe and remember that this will not go on forever.  Hopefully we will see each other soon.

Yours truly,

Pat Trenchard,

AARP Chapter President


Back in August 2020 your Board of Directors met to discuss how we would go forward during the continued Covid 19 pandemic. After 

much discussion, it was decided to put our chapter meetings on hold until March 2021. That decision was based on the status of the epidemic at that time. Currently we have been advised from Corporate Headquarters that we are to meet in only very small groups. We again have made the decision that with the surge in Covid cases, along with the new strains of the virus, and social distancing protocols

we will not have our meetings until further notice. Another letter will be mailed to you with an update.

Although we are not meeting right now our neighbors-in-need and our service men and women still need help.  Our donations of items that we always brought to our meetings can still be collected for them.  The following are the places that we normally donate to and you can bring items directly to these places.  Any help is greatly appreciated.  Thank you for caring and sharing.

SOUTHINGTON COMMUNITY SERVICES: Co-Chairs: Walter Jones 860-348-9201 - Christine Kwiat 860-747-8178

Cans, jars or boxed (dry) food items are needed including paper goods; paper towels, TP  and household ; cleaning supplies, etc. (new - please no used or expired items).  SCS also collects gently used clothing (men, women and children) and household items.  All donations are distributed to our town's people in need.

GROCERY BAGS (plastic, paper or totes) are needed. Please drop off any extra ones that you don’t need to Southington Community Services at 91 Norton Street, Plantsville. 

Also, continue to collect BOX TOPS, LABELS, POINTS FOR EDUCATION and PULL-TABS.. Ask your family and friends to collect these for you, too. It doesn’t cost you a thing and really helps toward providing supplies for schools and equipment for the Shriners’ Children’s Hospital. Collect these items and save them until we resume having our meetings.

SOCKS ARE STILL NEEDED: Chair: Sue Lint 860-621-7268

We continue to collect new socks for the needy; men, women and children (all sizes). Please call Sue for information about making donations.  These will be donated to our local residents in need, distributed by SCS and Bread for Life.

AMERICAN LEGION AUXILIARY: Chair: Rachel Wache 860-621-0890

Please don’t forget our service men/women. Our donations of non-perishable food items, treats/snacks and comfort care items let them know that they are appreciated. Treats and toys (no canned dog food) for their service dogs is also a nice way of showing our support.

Ask Rachel what they need and where to take your donations for our soldiers.

DONATE YOUR BOOKS: American Legion Auxiliary is now fundraising through donations of used books, CD’s, DVD’s, videos and audio books. Drop off your contributions at their local donation container to keep books out of the trash and help raise money for this group!

Drop off here anytime: Southington YMCA 29 High Street Southington, CT

For more information: Contact Got Books? (978)-327-7600

MEMBERSHIP: Chair: Ann Houle~~~~ 860-307-0774

We hope to bring in new members to our Chapter this year. We do amazing things for our community and our special charities but think how much more we could accomplish with a larger membership. Remember our slogan “Recruit One”.

We will be collecting dues for membership renewals for 2022 by the end of this year.

Please check your Chapter card to see if you have renewed for 2019, 2020,and 2021.  DUES must be paid and up to date to remain a member of our chapter.  Your national membership must also be current.

The requirements for becoming a new member or to renew your membership are:

1. A valid National AARP membership card or a mailing label from their current magazine or bulletin.

2. Your Apple Valley—Southington Chapter membership card.

3. Ten Dollars ($10.00) cash/check per person/per year. Make checks to: Southington Chapter #4943 of AARP, Inc. If you would like to renew your Chapter membership for more than one year you may renew up to the expiration date on your National card. You can mail your dues (check only – no cash), along with the mailing label from your current National magazine, your Chapter card and a self addressed, stamped envelope to:

Shirley Mason, 27 Coach Drive, Southington, CT 06489.

                                                               Please be well and stay safe.